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Often, the best friends we make are those who share the highs & lows of our parenting journey.

HappyMOMents is just that; a group of friends who came together and realised that their experiences as recent mothers were similar, especially as funding cuts had impacted critical local services in recent years.  Most importantly, they realised they shared a vision to improve this parenting experience; to make services and positive educational experiences easier for everyone here in Batley & Dewsbury.  

This laid the foundation for the Registered Charity we have become since June 2023; the five years of relationship-building and project delivery before this helped nurture and develop our team so that we could recruit a suitably qualified Board of Trustees to help the community in even more impactful ways.  

Our HappyMOMents CIO Trustees ensure that the team focuses on a preventative approach to support health and wellbeing outcomes which has a wider impact on families and the community and improves physical and mental health for everyone.  We built, and maintain, strong relationships with other local community organisations to deliver a range of activities and peer-to-peer support services for local Moms, children and families. We use the community infrastructure and regular feedback from our service users themselves to tailor our service to their needs and find the funding to make this possible via our dedicated team of volunteers.

Our team comprises professionals in Primary Healthcare, Education, Human Resources, Infant Massage, Sensory Play Specialists and Breastfeeding Peer Supporters, all of whom are local residents and moms or practitioners with a wealth of experience.  

Our networks are predominantly on WhatsApp as Moms prefer to have this ‘instant connection’ (We have platforms on Facebook, Instagram & X too):

  • We support and inspire more than 1200+ Moms and families in Batley, Dewsbury and the surrounding North Kirklees area
  • We are open to all communities, even though our network is predominantly BAME
  • We actively seek opportunities to engage & support Fathers in their parenting too
  • We work together with other partner organisations like BBEST, Local Nurseries and Schools, SWYT, NHS Midwifery, Locala Health Visiting, Kirklees Adult Education Service & the Local Maternity Voices Partnership to ensure that local families have the best opportunities for help & support when they need it and that their voices are heard
  • We seek funding to bring in exciting opportunities to the Batley & Dewsbury areas which local families would otherwise miss out on due to financial pressures
  • Educational development and outcomes are very important to us; all our baby and children’s sessions are focused on enhancing brain and language development through Makaton, phonics, rhymes & stories
  • We actively support families with children with SEND & actively use Makaton in our sessions, as well as signposting to other local specialised services

Becoming a Mom fundamentally changes us all; but the quotes below show us the high status of a Mother

The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world.

Malcolm X

A child's first education is in the lap of the mother.

Islamic Tradition

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.


Supporting Moms is fundamental to a successful society and future generations and we firmly believe that women are stronger when they help each other; we are!

The HappyMOMents Team



Chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to admin@happymoments.org.uk

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