Positive Birthing

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We are thrilled to be working with Originatal and Little Lavender Birth School to bring you tailored antenatal support classes!

  • Connect with local Moms-to-be
  • Find out about local support services
  • Understand labour, birth and delivery techniques (including hypnobirthing)
  • Address fears & anxieties for a more empowered birth experience
  • Prepare for life with a newborn

I am a mother of three and joined HappyMOMents as a volunteer in November 2021. You may have seen me at the Thursday Stay&Play, Maternal Journal or the Finding My Feet sensory sessions.

I am a qualified hypnobirthing, pregnancy relaxation and antenatal education facilitator, registered with the Federation of Antenatal Educators. I am also a trained breastfeeding peer supporter and Mindful Breastfeeding practitioner.
To find out more about who I am and what I do you can visit my website. Or follow me on Instagram & Facebook.
Feel free to contact me on 07865658288 or by email

Ami - founder of originatal

Salaams I'm Ammarah; Mom of 3, qualified positive birth instructor, breastfeeding peer support and baby massage instructor. Here to support you in having the best start to motherhood.

A positive birth experience is largely down to the knowledge you have about the birth process, knowing your options and having techniques to help you through labour. Whether this is your first pregnancy or fifth pregnancy, the course proves hugely beneficial to all. My homegrown business, The Little Lavender Birth School is so excited to work alongside HappyMOMents to bring the best of birth education to our local community.

Once your baby arrives we can meet again; a familiar face to support you through the next part. Struggles with breastfeeding have made people feel lonely in recent years so I'm happy to be able to support you with the help of my Unicef breastfeeding support qualification.

To help your Mom journey get off to the best start, join one of my HappyMOMents baby massage classes to help you meet other Moms and bond with your baby while learning a skill that can help regulate your baby's body and mood.

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Phone: 07708960262

Ammarah -little lavender birth school

I truly believe that giving birth should be your greatest achievement and not your greatest fear!

And so, I have a deep passion in wanting to empower women to have a healthy pregnancy, maximise their ability to have a positive birth experience and healed postpartum recovery. This goal is navigated through Islamic teachings at its core.

I offer a comprehensive, Islamic childbirth course, packed with everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and postpartum through an Islamic lens.

With a background in Islamic counselling, I have worked in my community to enhance the spiritual and mental health of Muslims. This has also led me to help women who have had previous traumatic birth experiences or are petrified of the idea of giving birth, debrief and make positive mind shifts to embrace birth!

Alhamdullilah as a qualified Aalimah who has been teaching in a madrassah setting for over 10 years, I have confidently been able to provide Islamic guidance for women at such a blessed and memorable time. 

To benefit from my content:

Visit: http://www.bloomnbirth.com 

Email: raeesah@amanibirth.com

Social media Instagram and Facebook account:‘Bloon.n.birth’

Raeesah Haroon - Certified Childbirth Educator, Aalimah and Islamic Counselling Coach



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