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When you are expecting a baby, it's the perfect time to connect with us at HappyMOMents. We are here to support your parenting journey right from conception:

  • Confirming your pregnancy
  • HappyMOMents Support
  • Birthing Options- Doula & Hypnobirthing
  • Miscarriage and Stillborn baby support
  • Pregnancy Apps & Resources
  • Faith Based resources for pregnancy
  • Need help with baby supplies?
  • Confirming your pregnancy

In Kirklees, once you have taken a pregnancy test at home, book an appointment with the midwife at your GP's surgery before you are 8 weeks pregnant. Your midwife will help you navigate the local maternity services and more information is available from our colleagues at Thriving Kirklees.

HappyMOMents Support

The HappyMOMents Team offers you wellbeing support during your pregnancy and can signpost you to local services

Our Whatsapp groups give you access to our experienced team as well as hundreds of local moms who are happy to share their experiences to help you get through yours.

Birthing options

As well as the local birthing centres and hospital midwife teams, a Doula or Hypnobirthing can really help to facilitate your birthing experience.

Doulas are specialists in antenatal care and can offer you 121 practical support through your birthing journey.

Blessed Beginnings
Ammarah Hypnobirthing

Miscarriage & Stillbirth support

Losing a baby through miscarriage or still birth is heartbreaking for you and your family. You may need or want to reach out for support. This can be arranged through your midwife or GP or through Hope Bereavement Support who specialise in counselling services for families who have lost babies or children.
Hope Bereavement Support

Pregnancy Apps

Local moms recommended the following apps, sites and books as the most useful during their pregnancy:
Emma's Diary
Ina May

Faith based resources for Pregnancy & Labour

Becoming a mother gives a highly respected status, especially within the Islamic Faith. Local moms recommended the following Islamic resources to help you prepare for this special time:
Heaven Under Your Feet: Pregnancy for Muslim Women

Need help with Baby supplies?

Rainbow Baby Bank (Supplying Preloved clothing upto 16years, baby supplies and support to families in need)
Clothes & Baby equipment donations welcome. One Nation Batley is the local drop off point for us too- label your donation bags/equipment clearly with 'Rainbow Baby Bank' and they will ensure your valuable donations get to us.



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