Single Moms

Helping you navigate motherhood by connecting with other Moms in a similar situation.

We provide opportunities for you to meet and socialise with your children and we work hard to find some financial assistance for you during this difficult time.

Specific Support

Mental Health and Emotional Support

Visit our page for details on how to access support 


If you are in an abusive relationship please see this link for local support services:


We know this can be tricky, so contact us to join our WhatsApp group to help you find registered local childminders and nurseries who can help you.

Legal Help

Islam Dewsbury - The Masjid has recently launched an advice line which is proving to be very beneficial. Further welfare activities are planned for the future. If in-person meetings are required with the Imams, this can be arranged. The Imams also provide counselling where there are disputes.
Nadat Solicitors - Specialising in family matters. Free legal aid is also available on a case-by-case basis.
JWP Solicitors - Specialise in family law and offer Legal Aid options and advice.

Financial & Food Support

HappyMOMents and other local groups work hard to find funding for one-off costs to support you. Join our WhatsApp group to find out about the most up-to-date opportunities.  We also have a group specifically for those wanting to upskill and find a job; contact our admin on 07796 670624 for the group link.

Ihsan Compassion Fund are a local registered charity that can provide financial aid after an assessment.  Please see their website for more details.
The Outreach Hub Foodbank run a kitchen every Thursday as well as running a food bank. Visit their Facebook Page or contact 07709 145837 or 07494 602802 for more details and opening times.
Batley Foodbank See website for more information or call them on 01924 474999 for assistance.
Tanisha Bramwell CIC  Contact Number: 07957 067469
Purpose of life Halal food
The Bread and Butter Thing Based in Howden Clough Community Centre providing food parcels



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