Toilet Training

The oops stage!

Toilet training is a challenge that few of us look forward to, however follow the tips below for a (slightly!) less stressful experience:

  • Prepare yourself: begin this stage at a time that you have no added pressures and are mentally prepared for the inevitable accidents and extra laundry
  • Talk to your child about using the toilet, explaining that it’s something we all do. If they have older siblings, show them how they use the toilet too.
  • Be prepared for setbacks; regression is normal in any development stage, and toilet training is no different. They may seem to have the hang of it then have a few bad days; keep encouraging them and reminding them that they can do this
  • Praise & lots of it! Encourage them, praise their efforts (the results will come with practice). Use a reward chart if that helps too

Signs your child is ready for toilet training include pooing at the same time each day and going about 90 mins without needing a wee.
They also need to be able to sit on the potty/toilet independently and to be able to get off again too.
Pull ups may not help as they don’t feel too different to nappies. Buy your child pants and build up some excitement about wearing ‘grown up’ pants. They will have accidents to begin with but this stage will pass.

See the great resources below for more information on toilet training:
10 Great Tips
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Also, your Health Visitor is a great person to speak to about toilet training concerns.
Contact Locala’s Thriving Kirklees team for more information.



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