The exciting stage!

Weaning is a major milestone for our little ones, as it is a big sign of their growing independence as they begin to need more energy for life on the move.
To begin this relationship with food most healthily, please review our two presentations below. The Food Information & Nutrition Education Team (FINE) from Kirklees trained our team in healthy eating and weaning habits. We use these presentations as the basis of our free sessions which we deliver to Moms a few times a year. We share lots of practical information during these free weaning sessions, so do join them to get more information (Contact 07796 670624 to enquire about our next one).

Remember, don’t begin weaning until your baby is 6 months old AND can:

  • Sit up independently and hold their head steady
  • Has enough hand-to-mouth coordination to pick food up and place it in their mouth themselves
  • Can swallow by themselves easily

HappyMOMents Weaning Advisors also host a dedicated WhatsApp group to support you through the weaning process; text ‘weaning group’ to 07796 670624 to join.
Enjoy your weaning journey!

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